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Today the choices as well as function of Cladding in UAE have ameliorated; now for wall cladding you have many options like laminate, plastic, metal, vinyl, wood etc. There are many Laminate, plastic, metal, vinyl, wood cladding manufacturers in UAE.

Architecture over the years has witnessed many developments, evolvements, and advancements. While the manta of today – that of sustainability and green revolution has existed since our ancestral times as an inherent part of buildings, what has surely revolutionised in buildings is the dramatic change that has been noticed in the way they are dressed up now.

The skin of a building (read cladding) has witnessed a huge upsurge in its variety and popularity in all typology of buildings. While at one point of time wall cladding with restricted options was more a part of visual art, today the choices as well as the functions of cladding have ameliorated. The wall cladding market in UAE is still evolving and the future for the same definitely holds much promise with the high demands in the construction industry. Introduction of pre-engineered structures, market demands of speedy project execution, the zest for quality and innovative options, foreign investment, the stress on getting global – nature of UAE companies are the drivers for the demand in the cladding industry.